The Patel-Sharma BA Paradox

Some fun with Business Analyst’s, this is totally tongue in cheek, I still love you business analysts 😃. Hat tip to @ojas for the collab!

Patel-Sharma BA Paradox (Modeled after the barber’s paradox)

Suppose there is a town of Product managers’s (PM’s) with just one Business analyst (BA). In this town, every PM keeps all the requirements ship shape, and he does so by doing exactly one of two things:

  1. Writing the requirements themselves, or
  2. going to the BA.

Another way to state this is:

The BA is a person in town who writes requirements for those and only those PM’s who do not write requirements themselves.

All this seems perfectly logical, until we pose the paradoxical question:

Who writes the BA’s requirements?

This question results in a paradox because, If the BA does write the requirements for himself, then the BA is no longer a BA as BA’s only write requirements for others

You could also ask, why should the BA write his own requirements? BA never has their own requirements, so no paradox. Good question, if that is the case – then why need a BA?

Ergo, BA must not exist.


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